ElCheapo SD Flash Cart V1.8


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Next batch due out early December.

OUT OF SD CARD STOCK, ARRIVAL APPROX DEC 5. Leave a note on checkout if you want me to send without SD card.


This little guy supports GB and GBC ROM's (No RTC support) 4mbytes or smaller. This makes up 99.5% of all GB/GBC games.


  • 4Mbyte Game ROM max
  • 128kbytes Save RAM max
  • Load/Save to SD for save games/LSDJ saves
  • 1Mbyte per minute transfer speeds from SD card (double when used on a GBC/GBA)
  • Save files are unique and not attached to the ROM file name. Multiple saves per ROM
  • Long file names supported!
  • 128 ROM's and Save's per directory/folder. No limit to folder count or depth.
  • Firmware upgradable via SD
  • Replaceable save battery (Battery included! CR1220)
  • Sticker Included (v1.5 sticker)
  • Shipped with Pre-Formatted SD Card 

Most SD cards are now supported, FAT32 formatted. Larger cluster size the better.

Supplied in a game shell (green). Please leave a note on checkout if you plan to re-home the PCB. They are very thin and fragile, if you flex them they will fail. No warranty is given to physically damaged PCB's. All items must be shipped back at your expense for repairs. There have been a few boards already damaged, parts ripped off, SD cards snapped in half. This is a delicate piece of hardware. Treat it that way.

Before updating make sure your batteries are charged etc... A failure updating firmware can lead to a bricked cart. Heavily modified DMG's (backlit) with earlier revision power supplies will have issues with this cart. Either upgrade your power supply or add a backlight resistor.

Before you update, Be 100% sure you format your SD card to Fat32 with 4k clusters. Confirm the card works by writing a game to the cart, the first ROM you try flash should NOT be the firmware!

 Firmware update: v1.52 - Wider SD support, double speed flashing, palette fix

 Firmware Update v1.53 - Forced DMG mode, 1x speed fix.

 Firmware Update v1.54 - Fixed DMG freeze and LSDJ half tempo bug.

 Firmware Update v1.60 - No longer require 4k clusters, any Fat32 format is OK (Larger clusters are still better)

 Firmware Update v1.61 - WARNING! BETA TESTING ONLY, DO NOT UPDATE UNLESS YOU HAVE A JOEY TO RECOVER. Introducing folder support. Maximum of 128 files or folders per sub-directory, no limit to depth of sub-directories. Select directory by pressing SELECT while in ROM or SAVE menu, press B to return back to previous menu. Please report bugs if you try this. Best results with 4k or higher clusters.

Update v1.61 stable - This includes an newer UPDATE.GB loader, the old one doesn't support anything other than 4k clusters, this one does. V1.61 I believe to be bug free. It certainly works well enough to sort your ROM's into folders. Just like files, the folders will appear as they are copied to the cart. It is best to organise it on the PC and drag the whole lot over when ready. Update from the ROOT directory only. Best results with 32k clusters but not essential.

Update 1.63 Stable - Improved file&folder system. Files and Folders now in the one list, navigate through folders as you would on a PC. Auto retry on Init failure, expanded support for large capacity SDHC cards. Improved Update tool.

1.65c - More updates, Your cart was likely shipped with this firmware. If you are not sure, please email me.

1.81 Beta - Firmware Updater now incorporated in the menu. Hold Start+Select when turning on to access the hidden menu. You can swap between DMG+GBC palettes easily. Firmwares can reside in sub-directories. Also flash write speed increase. Not tested with Intel equipped carts, only MX/Spansion. BETA! Use  update3.GB rom to perform the update.

Blank Save Files (32k + 128k(LSDJ))