Backlit GBC Drop-in LCD Kit - Pre-orders batch #3

  • $70.00
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STL Spacer File HERE - As featured in Kyles guide (Here) used to quickly locate the exact position of the LCD. INCLUDED! (yes, that means they're included in the kit :-)

For those that are following the progress of the no-soldering, no-shell milling, drop in backlight GBC LCD Kit, you can now place your pre-orders here!

The final prototype design has arrived and is verified. The production run has be placed. The first batch will be programmed, tested and shipped out approx mid April. Second batch 2 weeks later, 3rd batch mid May. Price drop expected May ($60) 4th batch June

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Thanks for your continued support!

Kit includes LCD, Sticker, conversion PCB and ribbon. You will need a working GBC.