Backlit GBC Drop-in LCD Kit - Pre-orders batch #4 - With brightness controller

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Warning: Failure to follow this guide and the resulting damage to the LCD will not be warranted. You must cut the cart pins flush. There should be no force required to close the case. If there is, check your work. A user damaged LCD will not be warranted.

Brightness control - solder to pad P12, just above the select pad. Video guide available shortly.

For those that are following the progress of the no-soldering, no-shell milling, drop in backlight GBC LCD Kit, you can now place your pre-orders here!

Battery runtime tests - greater than 20 hours playing a genuine game cart on 2600mah NiMh rechargable cells, on full brightness. 

Batch #4 (The big one!) is expected to arrive some time Late June. Batch 4 has been designed with a digital brightness controller built in. This does require one wire to be soldered, but you can also leave it disconnected and it'll function just the same as the previous version.

Due to the volume of FS kits sold previously, our postal company has given us a small discount on shipping to various locations worldwide. This saves an additional few dollars for US and Canada providing an all up cost almost $15 lower than previous versions. As volumes increase in other regions, discounts will apply there too.

We're also finalizing US distribution as well as UK distribution. I'll include links once we're stocked up in the associated regions.

Thanks for your continued support!

Kit includes LCD, 3d printed spacers, Sticker, conversion PCB and ribbon. You will need a working GBC.