Aioli - Our tastiest Freckleshack yet! - Pre-Orders Now Open!

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Aioli is our latest iteration of our FreckleShack Drop in LCD kit.

Update! We are shipping the GBC kit PRE-ORDERS now! We've got quite a few to get through though we're working as fast as we can. Expect approx 1-2 weeks lead time if you place your order today due to the backlog.

Now truly drop in, no soldering or cutting of the shell is required. No trimming of pins on the GBC motherboard. Just drop it in and power it up!

Aioli is thinner than our previous revisions and unlike the Chinese kits on the market, these allow the full metal LCD frame to be retained. These operate using less current than ANY of our competitors which means longer battery life and longer console life.

Our kit is also the quietest kit on the market. Other kits create buzzing and other high pitch noises which prevent the installation of audio amp mods and are annoying when using headphones.

Aioli is frame locked to the consoles original video output. There is no image tearing, flicker or distortion as seen in other kits. Aioli faithfully reproduces the image as the developers intended with a color tone and palette true to the original LCD

The Transflective TFT using in our kits means exceptional daylight viewing clarity with the backlight on or off. Something IPS panel kits cannot reproduce.

Aioli is available in multiple flavors, GBC, Pocket, DMG and NGPC. Please select the correct kit for your system at checkout. They are not cross platform compatible.

Your Aioli GBC kit comes with: A glass GBC Light lense, 3d printed spacers, Reflective foil GBC Light sticker for the back of your console, LCD, PCB and Ribbon. You will need to provide your own working console for the mod. Read below for more info on the GBC Kit.

Your Aioli Pocket kit comes with: A glass Pocket lense, 3d printed spacers, LCD, PCB and ribbon. You will need to provide your own working console. Read below for more info on the Pocket Kit

Thanks for your continued support! Without you we couldn't continuously provide you with the highest quality product possible!

GBC Backlight Control: Due to the issues reported with the Chinese Kit touch pad brightness control (Poor sensitivity, accidental triggering, high system noise) We have decided to use our 1 wire soldered brightness control instead.

We feel while touch brightness control is pretty nifty, a console that behaves erratically with no simple way to fix it besides cutting out the touch control pad isn't.

This is optional, you can choose not to solder this wire and it will result in crisp, full brightness image, or you can solder a single wire to enable 16 brightness levels including off.

You also have the option to drop in an eBay touch pad module and wire it up to the 1 wire pad for aftermarket touch control. We'll build up a batch of these modules for sale in our store, at cost price if you feel touch control is for you.

GB Pocket Backlight Control: This is achieved using the contrast wheel on the side of your console. It will vary the brightness from around 20% to 100%.

The Pocket kit includes many color palettes to choose from. This will require you soldering a wire to the select button to enable cycling through the palettes (Hold select). If you choose not to solder this wire, your system will default to a greyscale display.

Install Video's Below!

Basic Install Guide:

Brightness Control Guide:

Differences Between Reproduction Shells - Must Watch!!