GameGear LCD kit V1

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Update#3 - Mr Lurch's video guide is accurate, the video description says SMS pin is pin1, It is Pin2 as per his video.

Update#2 - With the global silicon shortage, and Microcontrollers now costing upwards of $45ea!!! V2 will be put on hold until prices go back to pre-covid. Some experts say as late as 2023! Mouser says a lead time of 44 weeks. Luckily we placed our order for V1 while stock was still available.

IPS! Don't settle for anything but the best!

Update! 11hrs 37minutes on 80% brightness (plenty bright and crisp for indoor play) on Aldi brand 2400mAh NiMh cells. 

Update! Confirmed working on 1Asic and 2Asic consoles (VA0 & VA1) - 26Mar2021

We've designed the V1 GG lcd kit to give the absolute best image quality for the price. We use IPS panels with an amazing viewing angle, deep blacks, rich colors and bright whites. IPS is the technology used in smart phones - vs TFT which was the standard used in the 2000's. The V1 kit does not provide VGA out.

Our V2 kit is in development with a 12x the pixels of the original LCD had. This gives us the ability to provide flexible scaling modes, linear, full screen, integer scaling. If this is something you've been waiting for, check in on our discord for the latest progress and pics. (Yup, we realise its not a good business strategy to announce V2 before V1 goes up for sale, we just want to be straight-up honest with you. Approx price of V2 will be $90)


  • High brightness IPS LCD. Superior viewing angle, contrast, clarity. Not TFT like other kits out there. 
  • Low power - approximately 1/3rd of other competing kits. Longer battery life, less stress on electronic components. 11hrs35min runtime measured on 2200mah NiMh cells.
  • Variable brightness control via the brightness wheel
  • Scanlines, Scailing modes (Full screen, cropped & 1:1 modes), Can move the image up and down in cropped mode
  • No buzz/hum/whine injected into the console like other competing kits
  • Half the price as other competing kits
  • Frame locked to the original frame rate. No image tearing or lag
  • Built in protection prevents damage to our kit if your system is running at a higher than standard voltage.
  • Currently a 10 wire install - this may increase as more functionality is added to the design.

We recommend you re-cap your GG and confirm it is functioning correctly before installing our LCD kit.

Tested on 1 and 2 asic consoles (VA0 & VA1)

Need a new Amp PCB? Try HERE

VA1 Alternate Install points (LEFT SIDE, RIGHT SIDE)

VA0 Alternate Install points (LEFT SIDE, RIGHT SIDE)

As of 17Mar2021,both GameGear mode and Master System Mode is supported. 

Note: PCB images are of the prototype, production board will be smaller and attached to the LCD. Install guide coming soon. Shell modificaiton is required. Soldering is required.

Expected shipping date: May2021


Read me! - We work in small batches, we use your feedback to revise and improve our products from batch to batch. Batch #1 will be exactly as described above. Nothing more, nothing less. Please read the product description fully and carefully. If you are unsure, ask before ordering. 250 kits available in batch 1.