Lynx II Drop In LCD Kit - (Motherboard revision C104129-001)

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AtariGamers Guide here: 

Revision 6! With brightness control using the original Contrast wheel! This version requires one wire to be soldered to be compatible with the -001 motherboard. Solder RES pad to TP27.

Why our kit over the others?

  • Half the price
  • Double the battery runtime compared any other kit (Will not crash your game as batteries get low or glitch your controls)
  • 3D printed install frame by Atari Gamer takes the guesswork out of alignment when installing. 
  • Power supply protection to help prevent irreparable damage to your Lynx if your power supply fails (Very common if not recapped/refurbished)
  • Full voltage regulation to prevent damage to our LCD kit if your power supply is out of spec - Our competitors will simply fail requiring a new LCD kit $$$
  • Only one component needs removing from the PCB vs dozens with our competitors
  • Easily reversible to revert your system back to OEM spec if you choose. 


NOTE: AtariGamer custom 3d printed install frames are now included!!

This kit is for the Lynx 2 C104129-001 only. We have the Lynx 1 kit available HERE

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