Lynx(I) Drop In LCD Kit - Requires Soldering

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Please purchase through Atari Gamer for individual kits. If you've ordered combined items, place your order here and we'll ship them from the BennVenn office.

Use Mr Lurch's guide for install, our guide is outdated.


Limited stock! Price increase due to the global silicon shortage. Price will increase again in the next batch as ICs and LCD panels become harder to source. 

You are purchasing only the LCD kit - Lynx system is not included.

Why our kit over the others?

  • Double the battery runtime compared any other kit (Will not crash your game as batteries get low or glitch your controls)
  • 3D printed install frame takes the guesswork out of alignment when installing. 
  • Power supply protection to help prevent irreparable damage to your Lynx if your power supply fails (Very common if not recapped/refurbished)
  • Full voltage regulation to prevent damage to our LCD kit if your power supply is out of spec - Our competitors will simply fail requiring a new LCD kit $$$
  • Only one component needs removing from the PCB vs dozens with our competitors


This kit is for the Lynx 1 only. We have the Lynx 2 kit available HERE . Interested in a Lynx SD flash cart? Take a look HERE

Wiring Connections:

CL2 - Pad 9

D0 - Pad 18

D1 - Pad 16

D2 - Pad 19

D3 - Pad 17

A1 - Pad 15

A2 - Pad 37

A3 - Pad 60

RES - As per the video

GND - As per the video

5V - As per the video (We recommend you use heavy gauge wire for 5v and GND so our system protection is still effective)

Backlight - Middle pin of the brightness potentiometer (but we suggest you use the infinite brightness mod in the first video instead)


Having problems? Head over to our discord and have a chat, also see the pics below.

We've had a couple of customers report an unstable image on their install. We're not sure why some are affected and others are not, even on the same motherboard version. In any case, the fix is below, shift CLKA2 and ClkA3 left one pin as per the pics.