Lynx(I) Drop In LCD Kit - Pre-Order

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Note! You are Pre-Ordering. PCB's have arrived, we are waiting on LCD's before we can ship. Expected approx mid Feb though delays are expected with the Corona virus outbreak. If you'd prefer to order a ready to ship unit, please check back in a few weeks when they have arrived - if stock is still available.

You are purchasing only the LCD kit - Lynx system is not included.

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Finally an affordable back-lit LCD kit that McWont break the bank! Using half the full system current as the McWill kit means you'll get twice the runtime on your Lynx compared to a McWill modded system, on the same set of batteries. 


When announcing this LCD kit, McWill said that my prices are so low because I'm using garbage quality LCD panels. This isn't true.

I've spent the time and money to compare the two variants, the genuine Sharp brand manufactured and assembled but also the Chinese assembled LCD screen using genuine sharp glasswork and screen driver electronics.

The difference is the Chinese panels use a Chinese manufactured ribbon cable, backlight and steel frame. The actual optics and electronics are identical between the two. 

Which ever you choose, they'll be fully tested for dead pixels and defects before shipment. If you feel the need to choose the genuine sharp panel, I've made that option available. 


Custom 3d printed install frames are now included!!

This kit is for the Lynx 1 only. We have the Lynx 2 kit available on a different page

Wiring Connections:

CL2 - Pad 9

D0 - Pad 18

D1 - Pad 16

D2 - Pad 19

D3 - Pad 17

A1 - Pad 15

A2 - Pad 37

A3 - Pad 60

RES - As per the video

GND - As per the video

5V - As per the video

Backlight - Middle pin of the brightness potentiometer