GBC-101 modded motherboard and solderless ribbon cable

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You'll be purchasing a modded GBC motherboard (pin3 mod, all pins cut flush and masked, contacts cleaned, led removed) and a modified ribbon cable which requires no soldering to install.


What you need: 

GBA101 LCD - Chinese reproduction, not used parts

Modified GBC shell, you can mod your own or buy pre-modded. It's a pretty big job to remove enough plastic and keep it looking neat, but many have done it. Look at Kylesawesomelife YouTube video for guidance (he's releasing a new video in the coming days!!) Avoid ThisDoesNotCompute's guide as he made a real mess of the mod.

Vinyl or electrical tape to mask a black border. I recommend automotive pinstripe tape as it has a sharp edge, easy to handle and doesn't shrink or make a mess like electrical tape. You can skip this step if you don't mind the white border

Motherboard versions will be shipped from available stock v02-v06.

Untested with Everdrives - I've heard they work but some have had issues with the earlier versions and the eBay clones.

If you're unsure, ask questions!!!