GBC backlight conversion ribbon cable V3.0 NEW! Digital Black Border

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V3.0 DBB ribbon places a black frame around the image area of the LCD. There is one exception though, the upper area there is only a 4 line black border. This is due to technical limitations and will require either a custom screen protector to be used, or a piece of black tape. Alignment of this tape is not critical like in v2.x ribbons as anywhere in that 4 line border will satisfactorily mask the white area.

V3.0 uses a new firmware which attempts to autodetect the GBC CPU version. This is around 95% accurate though in the cases where it doesn't get it right, there is a solder pad you can bridge to override the autoselect.

V3.0 uses a little more power than previous designs due to the added electronics and a clean and functional power switch is absolutely essential. 

This ribbon will allow the installation of an AGS 101 LCD into your GBC. The ribbon itself contains a Complex Programmable Logic Device which intercepts and converts the signalling between the older GBC format to the newer GBA LCD format. These are each programmed and tested before shipping.

What you do not get is a GBC, an LCD etc. This ribbon is for those not afraid to modify their GBC and make things fit. Shell modding is extensive though with a steady hand and patience it's not too complicated. Or you can pick up a pre-modded shell with all the hard work done for you.

If you look closely, you'll notice the contrast and colour is better than an original GBA-SP 101. Blacks are blacker, the image seems sharper. The image is smaller than the GBC image, it is the same size as the GBA running a GBC game. No ghosting, No burn-in.

If you have any questions, please email me before placing your order. Build pics and videos of operation are on my Facebook page, or check out KylesAwesomeLife youtube channel for some great up to date build videos using the latest hardware.

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Shipping information: I am located in Australia and express shipping can be expensive. Economy is available upon request ($5 worldwide - untracked, slow mail) or you can visit one of my many distributors in a country near you! For those that reside in USA, I'll have a limited number stocked there ready for shipping, $10 flat rate, tracked. Email me for more info.

Designed for the Chinese aftermarket 101 LCD ONLY.

Orange and Clear builds courtesy of Sam B.