NES Cart Dumper - Now Available!

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BennVenn's NES cart dumper is in production! The 'lil pricey' will be able to dump all NES carts, bootleg and licensed at USB speeds. Automatic generation of iNES headers, auto mapper detection, auto CHR&PRG ROM size detection, WRAM read and write compatibility and more!

'Lil Pricey comes with a rugged 3d printed enclosure to ensure its longevity, firmware updates via USB and weekly firmware releases to ensure compatibility with the most obscure NES carts.

Unlike many of the other 'vintage' cart dumping solutions, 'Lil Pricey has active and continual development & customer support. No Serial/FTDI drivers, no parallel ports, full compatibility from Windows XP to 10.

Initial production of only 8 units. If they prove popular additional batches will be produced. Available for pre-order now!

Update: Theyre HERE!!! Now to add mapper support: I will start with supporting the carts I own, then it'll be on request

  • Mapper#0 - Added (SMB1, Tennis etc...)
  • TLROM-01,02,03 (PRG&CHR size autodetect) [MMC3]
  • SLROM (PRG&CHR size autodetect) [MMC1]
  • AOROM (PRG & CHR size autodetect) [Discrete Logic]
  • PNROM-03 [MMC2]