Skookum Kaart Programmer

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New 60 pin Sockets arriving soon! Also, 72pin cart dumpers.

This little guy has been designed to re-flash the cheap chinese 'Coolboy' Famicom/NES 400in1, 250in1 etc.. carts. These carts can be had for as little as $3 ea, have 32mbytes of Flash ROM storage, 128/256K CHR RAM storage, even battery backed SRAM!

Mapping 0, 3 & 4 is currently supported.

This product will allow the dumping and re-flashing of the cart. It will not get you a 100% compatible flash cart for every game out there, it is a cheap tool to bring your homebrew games to life on the real hardware. Some commercial games will work, assuming the mapper is compatible.

There are a few threads on Nesdev regarding these carts and my programmer. There is also a Russian gaming forum where these carts were first shown to be re-programmable. Take a look there for info, or send me an email.

This programmer will be sold with or without 60-pin socket, depending on its purpose.

These are a limited run only, 20 will be produced with almost half already accounted for.