SP LCD converter board

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V2.2! No bluring, no ghosting.

The ultimate DMG LCD upgrade. Fit a Genuine GBASP Back lit or Front lit LCD into your DMG.

Requires soldering 9 wires to the Flat Flex Connector plus one wire to the GB's Crystal oscillator.

Installation of the LCD requires some cutting of the front case half and a slot in the PCB for the SP ribbon to slip through.

Photo's and guide available soon.

Note: There is a small graphics glitch in the lowest 8 lines (not on the game area, off screen). This occurs when the game turns the LCD off for any period, it inadvertently copies the first 8 lines of data to the bottom of the screen. In actual gameplay this is usually black or in some programs White. A vinyl sticker mask is being considered to frame only the game screen. Please take this into consideration when purchasing. Photo's attached to show the artefact.