ElCheapo SD Flash Cart V1.95

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Lead time 3-5 days. Green Shells available. 

SD cards NOT included!!!!!! Suggested 2gb SD, formatted to FAT32, 16k clusters.


This little guy supports GB and GBC ROM's (No RTC support) 4mbytes or smaller. This makes up 99.5% of all GB/GBC games.


  • Supports Hardware Resetting, corrects any palette issues when running DMG games on GBC/A
  • 4Mbyte Game ROM max
  • 128kbytes Save RAM max
  • Load/Save to SD for save games/LSDJ saves
  • 1Mbyte per minute transfer speeds from SD card (double when used on a GBC/GBA)
  • Save files are unique and not attached to the ROM file name. Multiple saves per ROM
  • Long file names supported!
  • 128 ROM's and Save's per directory/folder. No limit to folder count or depth.
  • Firmware upgradable via SD
  • Replaceable save battery (Battery included! CR1220)
  • Sticker Included *I only have v1.5 stickers!!! Let me know if you don't want a sticker attached.
  • SD Card not included

Most SD cards are now supported, FAT32 formatted. Larger cluster size the better.

Supplied in a game shell (green). Please leave a note on checkout if you plan to re-home the PCB. They are very thin and fragile, if you flex them they will fail. No warranty is given to physically damaged PCB's. All items must be shipped back at your expense for repairs. There have been a few boards already damaged, parts ripped off, SD cards snapped in half. This is a delicate piece of hardware. Treat it that way.

Before updating make sure your batteries are charged etc... A failure updating firmware can lead to a bricked cart. Heavily modified DMG's (backlit) with earlier revision power supplies will have issues with this cart. Either upgrade your power supply or add a backlight resistor. Low power modded carts are ideal for GB Pockets, older DMG's with backlighting etc...

Current Firmware V1.90

Blank Save Files (32k + 128k(LSDJ))

Test ROM Here. Performs Flash and SRAM test. It will erase all save data!