USB Flash cart for LSDJ

USB Flash cart for LSDJ

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This USB cart needs no software or drivers. Connect it directly to your PC or MAC and it'll appear as a USB hard drive. Simply drag the ROM or SAVE on or off the cart to update it or backup your work.

USB 2.0 ONLY! You will need to use a USB2.0 hub if your machine only has USB3.0 ports.

A dollar store USB hub is ideal as these are nearly always USB2.0 and usually under $2.

1mbyte ROM and 128Kbytes FRAM is accessible via USB, or, a full 4mbytes is available with the use of my Joey.

LittleFM is possibly supported but I have not tested or heard feedback either way.

No Battery! the premium FRAM IC replaced the old Battery+SRAM of other carts. It can never go flat and loose your data. This is very similar to the Drag n Derp cart which is now discontinued.

Cart ships in a used Pokemon game shell, usually Blue or Black or a combination of either. It can be transplanted into a shell of your choosing though you'll need to cut the USB slot in the game cart.

Very limited numbers available.

FREE Worldwide Tracked Express shipping is included in the price.