GBC backlight conversion ribbon cable


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This is the first of a small run of adaptor ribbons (v2.1) which will allow the installation of a 101 LCD into your GBC. The ribbon itself contains a Complex Programmable Logic Device which intercepts and converts the signalling between the older GBC format to the newer GBA LCD format. This is included in your order, assembled and tested.

What you do not get is a GBC, an LCD etc. This ribbon is for those not afraid to modify their GBC and make things fit, even if they shouldn't. If you pull it off you'll have one of the first true Backlit GBC's (not including that $500 one on eBay)

You might also want to get a vinyl mask to cover the white area of the LCD. These too will be produced and available in store in good time. I've had good results using automotive pinstripe tape (can include upon request)

If you look closely, you'll notice the contrast and colour is better than an original GBA-SP 101. Blacks are blacker, the image seems sharper. The image is smaller than the GBC image, it is the same size as the GBA running a GBC game.

If you have any questions, please email me before placing your order. Build pics and videos of operation are on my Facebook page.

Thanks for your support

Leave a note on checkout if you need the Brown Tab Firmware loaded onto your ribbon.

Please use a V05 or V06 GBC motherboard for this mod. Earlier versions have graphic glitches on black and white games. This can be fixed with Gizmo, recommended.

recommend using the Chinese aftermarket LCD. These ribbons are fragile! Rough handling can damage the very fine traces.

Orange and Clear builds courtesy of Sam B.