GBA Flash Cart 32MByte ROM / 64KBytes Flash Save

GBA Flash Cart 32MByte ROM / 64KBytes Flash Save

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Stock Arriving Late Feb2021

We've secured a quantity of the latest Grade-A bootleg carts direct from the factory. While there are other bootlegs available from eBay/Aliexpress, occasionally cheaper, they are rarely built to this level of quality.

This cart contains 32Mbytes of Flash ROM (The minimum required for larger games such as Mother3) and 64Kbytes of Flash Save RAM (SST39LV512). There is no battery fitted to this cart

These carts contain 64kbytes of Flash Save RAM. This is not identical to genuine GBA carts but when your ROM is suitably patched, they'll preserve your save without pausing the game and without battery. We'll produce a patching guide for these carts at some stage.

For the technically curious, The Flash used in this cart contains both 32mbytes of Flash along with 8mbytes of SRAM. We're exploring these carts further to try unlock all their secrets. These could become the new best bootleg supporting two save types and the maximum Flash the GBA can support. If you're coding your own game, we can supply the batteryless save code to add to your game.

 Available in the classic pokemon cart colors, Clear green, green, Clear red, red, Clear Blue

Fully compatible with our Joey Jr.

We can flash a customer supplied ROM prior to shipping at no charge. Your ROM must be compatible with this cart and use No save or patched for Batteryless Save. Your ROM will be tested up until the title screen in addition a full ROM dump, and compare with the original supplied. We can patch your ROM for batteryless save for a fee (Coming soon).

Fully tested and shipped in a game cart case.

Questions? Ask us on our discord (Link at the top of the page)