Installation Instructions

Oct 25, 2019 - 1:37 AM

  • Hi Ben,

    I gather that the GG LCD screen is still in production and not for sale just yet.

    Are there any instructions or pics of the installation? Is it a plug-n-play installation or soldered wiring harness? Modify the frame in the case?

    Excited for the release.


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  • Hey @jefframsey - I was chatting with Ben last night and unfortunately no update to the Game Gear LCDs just yet... there will be more to come, but he's working through quite the backlog of things it sounds like!

  • Thanks for sharing the update! My GG is working great, but I am already looking to upgrade the screen. Does anyone have any idea how this screen will be installed? Is it similar to McWill or a different installation?

  • Pretty similar, less wires to solder, less parts to remove. All round easier and far lower power consumption