Help Development on GGLCD?

Dec 28, 2019 - 5:00 AM

  • Dear BennVenn,
    I found your site because someone mentioned that you were developing
    an LCD kit for the Sega Game Gear. I've been designing PCBs for the
    Game Gear as well, and was wondering if I can help join in on the
    project. I've recently developed a sub board to expand the
    capabilities of the McWill. I'm also interested in:

    • Fixing the colors on the McWill (I have the Norix LCD board which has more correct colors) -Fixing the pixel aspect resolution, if possible. -Fixing the screen tearing that happens on the McWill VGA output -VA3-VA7 support (I have some of these units that I could help provide) -Including brightness control -Including CVBS, S-Video and Component video capability -PAL region (50hz) support
    • more

    let me know if you'd be interested in chatting and teaming up on this.

    -Segasonicfan Designs

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  • Hey! Ambitious project. I'd probably not bother with trying to fix the McWill kit, it is dated, inefficient and technology has moved on a lot since he released his kit. Might as well go from the ground up. As for tearing, there is no way around that with VGA output short of dropping frames.

  • I meant improving it, not fixing it per se. Are you interested in the other video outputs, motherboard VA3 + capability, or other options? If you don't want to team up that's ok, just asking if you felt like making a more advanced improved board.

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  • Nice idea Segasonicfan... I encourage you to go ahead with this yourself so that there's more competition/innovation in this field. Right now there's very few options and a dead GG LCD basically means your unit is a brick.