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110v Soldering Kit (USA PLUG)

Regular price $20.00

Honest review

I'd consider this the absolute minimum quality you would want to solder on modern electronic equipment.

Temperature regulation is important to prevent overheating of pads which is one of the leading causes of lifting pads on your average Game Gear or Lynx LCD Install. This Iron has digital temperature control.

A range of tips are provided which helps on the finer more delicate work as well heavier tips which helps recapping systems with large copper ground planes.

The kit includes an iron stand, a bit of solder and a desoldering tool to help with recapping or removing other through hole components.

At the end of the day, this is a $20kit so you won't be getting a high end soldering iron but its more than capable for light duty hobby work. The tips found on these cheaper irons will wear quicker than more expensive tips (we're talking hundreds of hours vs thousands of hours of continuous use) but thankfully they're 'clones' of genuine tips so upgrading is an option.

It's an 80watt iron which has enough power for larger motherboards, heavy copper ground planes etc.

If your budget allows for a weller or hakko iron, this probably isn't for you. If you want to learn how to solder, improve your skills or install the odd console mod, this will get you by.