Backlit Gameboy Color, Custom made to your request


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For sale is a BennVenn modded, Backlit Gameboy Color.

Includes a reproduction shell of your choice, button colours of your choice, power led colour of your choice, a tested and cleaned motherboard (modded to remove background noise), a new GBASP 101 Backlit LCD screen and a new glass screen protector.

The case is a reproduction Chinese GBC case. I personally prefer the original cases so I've left the case unglued to assist in a transplant to a genuine shell. If you would prefer it sealed, let me know at checkout. I also have a few original game shells, conditions vary so if you prefer an authentic shell, contact me for photos of what is available.

I think that covers everything. I don't want my customers to have any surprises when they receive their backlit GBC so I'm trying to be as transparent as possible. The photo's also form part of the description. 

These are hand built and every measure is taken to ensure as best workmanship as possible, including dust free LCD and Lense, smooth operation of buttons, clean cart connector. Please understand that dust may move onto the LCD during transport and this is beyond my control. You can always lift the screen protector off and give it a quick wipe should this occur.

Approx 2-8 weeks lead time to assemble your custom order, depending if I have your colour preference at hand. Please leave as much info on your build at checkout.

Depending on the PCB version, it may not run the power hungry everdrive. My ElCheapoSD low power carts work fine on all GBC versions, and the standard ElCheapoSDs are tested working on v4-6.

Game not included!

Ask any questions before you buy!

Thanks for your support!

Now includes the 3d screw post mod, no gluing, easy opening if you need to upgrade/mod.