Backlit GBC Drop-in LCD Kit - Upgrade Service

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Attention Early Adopters!

If you're one of the few with the early FreckleShack firmware (Received shipping notification before 24th April) We're happy to offer a free upgrade service to your V1 PCB to rectify the 'Pinball lag issue' - Take a read on my FB for full detail, video etc. 

You'll need to ship the PCB back to us, we'll replace the IC on the PCB and reprogram it, then ship it back. The cost of shipping would be at your expense.

The other option would be to Upgrade to the V2 PCB with digital brightness controller built in. This wouldn't require your V1 board to come back and is a drop in replacement for the V1 board. These are expected to ship first week of May.

We're offering the V2 PCB for $10, only for V1 customers affected by the pinball lag issue. You'll need to quote your original order number on checkout.