Custom MBC

Custom MBC

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With the DIY cart scene growing, many resort to cannibalizing perfectly good carts to re-purpose the MBC IC for their project. With this in mind, I am now offering a sustainable solution for your DIY Cart:

With various configurations to choose from:

  • MBC1
  • MBC2
  • MBC3
  • MBC5
  • MBC5 with SPI port
  • Multi-MBC
  • Multi-ROM MBC
  • Custom

Add an SPI port to your next project to integrate with external peripherals or MCU's, Light sensors? ADC's? Tilt sensors? Or perhaps you want to release a custom cart that can't be cloned/emulated? Contact me for custom mapper solutions.

Generic MBC3/5 MBC's start from $5ea with price breaks at 10pcs($4ea) and 100pcs($3ea). Supports 8mbytes ROM, 128k SRAM or FRAM.

Price on asking for custom mappers.

Example circuit included.