ElCheapoSD v2.0


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A microSD based, GB+GBC flash cart with RTC, save states and cheat code support!

V2.0 only supports MBC 3&5 which includes 99% of GBC titles, all the classic RTC equipped games (Pokemon Gold, silver, crystal, prism, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) and a large number of original GB games.

An optional hardware update adds MBC 1&2 support bringing full compatibility to your console.

These are pre-orders only, they will be shipped with beta firmware and can be updated via the SD card. Initially only RTC support will be enabled but save states and cheat engine will be added in future updates.

Auto backup of saves to SD.

Fat32 file system

Unique RTC data for each ROM

Master RTC calendar function to keep your games in sync when the power is off, or if you need to change the battery.

Low save battery detection

Save states (most games supported, game engine must utilise VBlank interrupt to enable this feature)

In-game menu to add cheats, modify ram contents, modify RTC values, save/load game state etc...

Thanks for your support!!

Clear green shell and sticker included.

SD card not included

Gold plated contacts to ensure reliability and protect your game boy