FreckleShack! - Batch #8 - In store and ready to ship

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Please read all information on this page before placing your order!

Warning: Failure to follow this guide and the resulting damage to the LCD will not be warranted. You must cut the cart pins flush. There should be no force required to close the case. If there is, check your work. A user damaged LCD will not be warranted.

Brightness control - solder to pad P12, just above the select pad. 

Battery runtime tests - greater than 20 hours playing a genuine game cart on 2600mah NiMh rechargable cells, on full brightness. Better than any of our imitators.

Batch 8 kits are here, now, on our desk. Your kit(s) will be individually programmed, installed and tested prior to shipping. This does take some time. To help this progress as quickly as possible we will not be responding to email inquiries regarding shipment of your order until all batch 8 kits are shipped. You will receive shipment notification and tracking once shipped. 

Click HERE to check shipment progression

Batch 8 has been designed with a digital brightness controller built in. This does require one wire to be soldered, but you can also leave it disconnected and it'll function just the same as the previous version at full brightness.

Thanks for your continued support!

Kit includes LCD, 3d printed spacers, Sticker, conversion PCB and ribbon. You will need a working GBC.