Game Gear IPS Kit Installation Ribbons and Boards

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These are the install ribbons for our IPS kit - this in not the IPS kit.

VA1 Ribbon Set - Wire free install, soldering required.

VA0 Ribbon Set - Wire free install, soldering required. (designed for the later VA0 with the large round gold circles on the PCB behind the dpad- will work on early models too)

Helper board - Wires required, soldering required. Helps eliminate the precise soldering needed on the original ribbon pads. Compatible with both VA0 and VA1.

Note the helper board is not needed if you're using the Ribbon Set - It is simply a small pcb that makes the small pads easier to solder to if you're doing a wired install - can also be used to make install easier for other kits like McWill etc.


Note VA1 ribbon set can be used on a VA0 with slight modification - You will need to wire in the CLK line and T10 manually. We recommend you wait for VA0 ribbon stock to arrive or use the VA0/1 helper board