GameBoy Color - 'JUNK' - For Parts - Not Working

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With the shipping restrictions out of Japan, the prices of GBC consoles have been climbing steadily. We were lucky enough to find a box of these hidden away from an order early last year.

Please not these are sold as not working, for parts only. The images are of the actual unit though we offer absolutely NO guarantee these will arrive working. You are buying these on the understanding they are not working. If the images show them working, that's a bonus. Expect a non working console.

System Serial Number C12100509: Signs of battery leakage. Battery contacts have corrosion. Power switch is intermittent and will need cleaning/repair/replacement. Audio from the speaker appears loud and clear. Game cart boots genuine game carts. Buttons not tested. Audio jack not tested. IR port not tested. Link port not tested. LCD appears clear with no fading or dead pixels though this is just from a quick glance. All Rear shell screws are missing. Motherboard is a V02. Cpu is Rev B.


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