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GB/C Flash Cart 4MByte / 32K SRAM With Battery

Regular price $9.00

We've secured a quantity of the latest Grade-A bootleg carts direct from the factory. While there are other bootlegs available from eBay/Aliexpress, occasionally cheaper, they are rarely built to this level of quality. (Includes voltage drop diode to prevent damage to the flash IC - Rarely found on cheaper clones)

This cart contains 4Mbytes of Flash ROM and 32Kbytes of SRAM. This cart includes a save battery (fresh 2021 stock) so ROM patching for batteryless is not required, but still supported. Want a cheaper cart without battery? Click HERE

Mapper Type: MBC5 (All bootlegs use the same mapper). No bootlegs contain an RTC.

Fully compatible with our Joey Jr. The fastest and easiest way to dump your games or re-write bootlegs!

Fully tested and shipped in a game cart case.

Questions? Ask us on our discord (Link at the top of the page)

Note: Pic is not the same as what will be supplied. Cart will contain a coin cell and extra components to enable battery saves.