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GBA Flash Video Cart 256MByte!!! ROM / 64KBytes SRAM Save

Regular price $15.00


ROM Menu Files: HERE

Block0 menu file with bugfix HERE <-Use this one

So new, we had to reverse engineer the mapper inside to see how they work!

The capacity of these carts is BIG! (2048Megabits of fun), 16 times bigger than your standard GBA bootleg cart!

We're still working on an easy menu builder to compile dozens if not hundreds of your favorite roms into one compilation. Right now you have to do it by hand (copy and pasting roms using a hex editor)

We've managed to fit FULL movies in very respectible quality on these carts.

Now supported in Goomba and PocketNES meaning you can fit literally hundreds of your favorite NES and Gameboy roms onto a single cart and using a fraction of the power a SD based flash cart uses.

Fully compatible with our Joey Jr. A full 256Mbyte flash will take 12minutes using our Joey Jr (Compared to 2+ hours on our closest competitors flasher) - Update: We're told other flashers will no longer be supporting this cart, The Joey Jr is the only tool available that can reflash these.

Full reverse engineering information available in our discord.

Fully tested and shipped in a game cart case.

Questions? Ask us on our discord (Link at the top of the page)

New!: We've coded some patches for Meteo generated ROM's (AVI to GBA converter). These patches allow you to use all 256Mbytes for video, added skipping using Left and Right and autoplay onto the next video file. Get the patches HERE - more info in our discord, just ask!