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Joey Jr Firmware for Chinese Flash Boy Hardware

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We've ported over as much as we can to the infamous 'fire starter'

If you have a FlashBoy cart flasher (ARM version) and are disappointed with no GBA support, slow speed, sketchy Chinese software and poor flash cart support, maybe it's time to update your Chinese clone to Joey Jr level speed, compatibility and ease of use!

What our firmware can provide:

  • Joey Jr style Drag'n'Drop interface.
  • Run ROM's direct from cart in emulators
  • Save file auto loading and writing back in emulation
  • No software or drivers needed
  • Faster ROM dumping and flashing than any other companies product
  • Support for GB/GBC/GBA OEM carts and all modern bootlegs coming out of China
  • GBCamera image dumping - direct BMPs from your camera
  • Nintendo Power Cart support
  • Just about everything else on the Joey Jr product page.

What our firmware can't provide on this sketchy hardware

  • Bung cart support
  • MBC30 cart support (Flashing - Dumping should work OK)
  • Auto GBCamera detection (CAM mode must be used to enable image dumping)
  • Cart safety when dumping GB/C carts
  • Auto Voltage Switching
  • Product support
  • probably more issue that we haven't found yet.

The FlashBoy is a clone of a Japanese cart dumper though it suffers from a hardware design flaw where it puts considerable stress on a GB or GBC cart when being dumped. Greater than 160 times more current is drawn from the cart when in this device vs in your GameBoy. I'd suggest against using this device for your original GB/C carts at 5volts. GBA mode is fine and GBC mode at 3.3v is fine (though many OEM carts will not work at 3.3v)

How to update:

You will need an ST-Link programming cable. You can purchase these from eBay/Amazon (typically $2 but recently as high as $10 due to the silicon shortage) or  you can purchase them from our store.

You will need to connect the ST-Link cable from your PC to your FlashBoy to recover a device ID. Email this to us

We will generate your custom firmware to be used on only your FlashBoy. It will not work on other FlashBoy devices.

Program this firmware to your FlashBoy. 



Note: This process is not reversible. Regular or any updates are not included. Current firmware is a port from JoeyJrV2_02_33. Shipping not required on the Firmware Only and will be refunded upon request.