Lynx II Drop In LCD Kit - (Motherboard revision C104129-001)

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Pre-Order! - We're expecting our LCD's to arrive mid September. Possible delays due to covid/Lockdown.

$10 discount when purchasing through Atari Gamer - Ready for Immediate shipment.

$10 discount per Lynx LCD Kit on COMBINED orders through our store - email us and we'll get that $$$ back to you.

Please purchase through Atari Gamer for individual kits. Ordering through Atari Gamer helps them promote the Atari Lynx homebrew development and retro gaming scene - It also gives us more time to invent new gadgets! If you've ordered combined items, place your order here and we'll ship them from the BennVenn office.

AtariGamers Guide here: 

Note: some modding to the contrast wheel circuit may be necessary on some consoles.

Revision 6! With brightness control using the original Contrast wheel! This version requires one wire to be soldered to be compatible with the -001 motherboard. Solder RES pad to TP27.

Why our kit over the others?

  • Half the price
  • Double the battery runtime compared any other kit (Will not crash your game as batteries get low or glitch your controls)
  • 3D printed install frame by Atari Gamer takes the guesswork out of alignment when installing. 
  • Power supply protection to help prevent irreparable damage to your Lynx if your power supply fails (Very common if not recapped/refurbished)
  • Full voltage regulation to prevent damage to our LCD kit if your power supply is out of spec - Our competitors will simply fail requiring a new LCD kit $$$
  • Only one component needs removing from the PCB vs dozens with our competitors
  • Easily reversible to revert your system back to OEM spec if you choose. 


NOTE: AtariGamer custom 3d printed install frames are now included!!

This kit is for the Lynx 2 C104129-001 only. We have the Lynx 1 kit available HERE

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Edit 4thApril2021