RGB Backlight Controller


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Have you already gone through the challenge to install an RGB backlight to your DMG? The next evolution is active control of the RGB pallette via the Game boy keypad.

This tiny board will let you set the colour of your backlight to 1 of 8 possible combinations and remember it the next time you turn your gameboy on.

The user interface is simple, if you press start before the Nintendo logo finishes scrolling it will enter colour select mode. Here you can use the D-pad to select each LED (Left&Right) and use Up and Down to turn it On or Off. When you are finished, don't touch anything for about 5 seconds and It'll save your setting to non-volatile memory for the next time you turn your GB on.

If you let the Gameboy boot as normal, it will load the last setting you saved.

You will need to solder wires to the flat flex connector on the PCB, or various other points, which ever you find easiest. You must use the existing resistors used in your RGB install, Don't omit them or you will damage your backlight and my module!

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New firmware available: You will need to flash it yourself, grab a USBASP from eBay for a dollar or two. This firmware enables RGB control with over 190 colours to choose from. Holding B at startup will start the colour change routine, hitting A at the colour of your choice will save it to memory.