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RGB Backlight Controller V3

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Have you already gone through the challenge to install an RGB backlight to your DMG? The next evolution is active control of the RGB pallette via the Game boy keypad.

This tiny board will let you set the colour of your backlight to 1 of 16 million possible combinations and remember it the next time you turn your gameboy on.

V3 boards are much simpler to install, 2 wires for power, 2 wires for keypad sensing, and 3 wires for your RGB module

You will need to solder wires to the flat flex connector on the PCB, or various other points, which ever you find easiest. You must use the existing resistors used in your RGB install, Don't omit them or you will damage your backlight and my module!

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- There are 7 pads on the module. + and - go to any 5v and ground point on the motherboard. This can be the pads marked VCC and GND on the bivert module, or the cart connector, or the front PCB where you'd normally connect the backlight supply etc...

-RGB go to the backlight R, G and B wires respectively. You must use the resistors that were included with your RGB backlight kit!!!

-1 and 2 are the keypad sense wires. I connect Pad1 to the seventh pin on the ribbon cable (From the opposite side of the Bivert board - see pic) and Pad2 to the sixth pin. In this configuration Holding Up or Select at power on will start the module strobing through all the various colours. Pressing Down, or Start will save the current colour to the internal RGB module memory. The is the colour that is loaded at power on. 

The 4th wire from your RGB module, in my kit I purchased this is a white wire, needs to go to the 5v supply too, or you can connect it directly to the switch so there is no load on the gameboy's internal power supply. This may be a good idea if you are using a motherboard version below 07.