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Porchie the VGA out board for your DMG

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GB modders, meet Porchie. The VGA out board for your DMG

He needs 5v, Gnd and 4 signal wires from the GB PCB interconnect and will output H-Sync, V-Sync, Video - all you need for VGA out.


2x image upscaling - 320 x 288 image centred in a 640x480 frame

2bit greyscale

30mm x 25mm x 4mm

Best installed with a buck/boost converter to keep the original dc/dc converter running cool - Not necessary with v08 DMG

Please email me if you have not been following the progress of this module on my facebook page - or would like more info.

This is not for the beginner modder. There are only 6 wires you need to connect to the gameboy plus 4 that go external to the VGA socket. This is for the module only, you'll need to be creative in how you install it and get the video out to your monitor.

And finally, there are some graphic artefacts, rapid moving sprites may have a vertical line. They are hard to spot and I've really only noticed them on Revision6 GB motherboards. This is ideal for LSDJ as it has no rapid moving images :-)