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HowTo Guide (Thanks Sandman!!!!!!)

Legacy Firmware Gen2 Drag and Drop.

Beta for x86 XP+7 users


Latest:v3.18c(software + Firmware version)  - Support for various chinese clone carts

BennVenn Multi-ROM compiler for 256M carts (16save bugfix)

v3.11 BETA - MBC2 support

v3.11b (Firmware and Software) - Added NP cart Sector 0 unlock, El-Cheapo-Flash-Cart Writing + Erase.

v3.12 (GBA SRAM/Flash RAM dump fix) -

v3.13(GBA 128K Flash RAM fix - Pokemon series) - 

v3.14(GBA Flash Save Write 64k/128k) - A BIG WARNING! If you attempt to dump a Flash based Save on an SRAM based cart, it WILL corrupt your Save file!!!!!! I'll add some kind of verification code to ensure this cannot happen in the next release.

v3.15(GBA EEPROM Read/Write 4K&64K) - Same warning applies as above. Thought I'd get the EEPROM dumping/writing out for testing&evaluation.

v3.15b (Firmware update) - GBA Flash Erase routine fix

v3.17 (Firmware + Software update) - FRAM cart support, ElcheapoSD firmware update support.

Step1. Update Firmware with 3_14.BEN by transferring to Bennvenn drive (Or via Gen3 software if already running V3 firmware)

Step2. After the update windows will ask you for a USB driver, point it to the unzipped folder you just downloaded (Only required the first time you upgrade to V3)

Step3. Run JoeyJoebags executable. Enjoy!

 *Modified USB cable is STRONGLY suggested when working with GBA carts. 2 diodes (1N4007 etc...) In series with the 5v USB supply will reduce the voltage to the cart to an acceptable level. I have not had any issues operating my GBA carts at 5v however no guarantee is given on the safety of yours!

BennVenn GBA carts are 5v tolerant, so no need to use modified cable when flashing them with Joey.