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GBA Flash Cart 16MByte / 128KBytes Flash save memory

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We order a LOT of the latest bootleg carts from Alibaba & Aliexpress to ensure our Joey Jr cart flasher is compatible with anything you throw at it. Lately we've found ordering two of the same cart from the same seller on the same day will get you two wildly different carts. This is obviously not ideal!

We've ordered a bulk lot of carts and have sorted what we receive into the various Flash sizes and save types to take the guess work out of it for you.

This particular cart has 16mbytes of Flash for ROM storage and contains 128kbytes of Flash Save (A4 style) for maximum compatibility with Pokemon ROM's and hacks. You'll need to use Lesserkuma's 1M flash patch tool on the ROM before flashing. These carts do not contain a RTC and do not require a battery. They are very similar to OEM carts which use a separate IC to hold the save file so there is very little risk of save loss or corruption.

For more info or to confirm a particular rom or hack will work on this cart before purchase, visit our discord.

Fully compatible with our Joey Jr for the easiest and quickest way to dump and flash all GB/GBC/GBA carts!

Fully tested and shipped in a game cart case.

Questions? Ask us on our discord