Custom Metal Casting - 3D drawings/prints to Metal

I've been interested in metal casting for a few years now, casting one-off's for projects here and there. I feel the quality of my raw castings is good enough for other tinkerers and inventors to make use of this service.

Whether you need an obsolete car part reproduced, a custom manifold for that gadget you are working on or a custom gearbox housing for that e-bike project - We can work together to bring your design to life!

Send me an email (BennVenn (at) and we can discuss your project. Due to the size and weight of cast aluminium parts, this service is probably best suited to Aussies - unless you're happy to pay the shipping costs.

What will this cost you? My intention is to increase my skills and quality and hopefully turn this into a business. But for now, If you cover the costs of Gas, Filament, Scrap metal and buy me a beer, I'll be happy!

Step1: Design the item in CAD

Step1: Design the part in CAD

Step2: 3d print the design

Step2: 3d print the part to form a sand casting pattern. There are some design considerations with sand cast patterns. All vertical edges must have a draft angle to help remove the pattern from the sand. This is typically 3-5degrees. Any complex voids must be made with a specialised core, or post casting machining.

Using the 3d printed part as the master, create a sand mold and pour with molten aluminium

Step3: Cast the part. This is typically what a raw casting looks like. There must be a way for the molten metal to enter the mold, this is with the sprue. This needs to be considered in the design phase. Also, vents, gates and minimum wall thickness's are important.

If required, machining services are available

Step4: If the client requests, some simple machining operations can be made to clean up the casting, drill holes, tap threads, increase clearances to spec etc...

Model engine flywheel

Custom parts for model steam/IC engines.

Fuel injected manifold for Aircool VW engine

Fuel injected manifold for an old Air cooled, VW beetle engine.

Core boxes and Cores are also possible

With the use of cores, complex voids can be included into the casting.

High pressure Refrigerant Receiver for ORC project

This is a 2 part casting, a High pressure refrigerant receiver for an ORC system

With 12mm CNC'd Perspex sight glass

With a 12mm CNC cut Perspex sight glass

Send me an email! I'm always interested to hear about other tinkerers projects and designs!