ElCheapoSD V2.0 Firmwares

Firmware can be updated to any version, from any version. DO NOT PUT V1.x FIRMWARE ON V2 HARDWARE!!!!! Copy the .BEN file to your SD and select the file in the FIRMWARE menu.

V2.022 - GBA Bootloop fix

V2.021 - More fixes. DO NOT REVERT to earlier versions

V2.020 - Save State Fixes, Anti-Brick Feature. DO NOT revert to earlier firmwares from this version or later.

V2.017 - LSDJ auto start ROM unless button pressed at startup.

V2.106 - LSDJ Song import fix - Beta

V2.015 - Experimental! Update from V2.009 or later

  • Save Export Added - Great for LSDJ
  • Help text added
  • Fix for Saving in SML2DX
  • Fix for Tetris Saves

V2.013 - Update from V2.009 or later

  • Bug fix on importing LSDJ save files

V2.012 - Beta! Update from V2.009 or later

  • SAV file importing from emulators and cart dumps.

V2.011a - Beta! Update from V2.009 or later

  • Full LSDJ Support (128k SRAM)
  • FAT8.3 Compatibility Fix 

V2.010a - Beta! Update from V2.009.

  • Changes to Save State code, and In game save routines. Fix for Metroid+SML2 Colorised hacks.


  • SRAM fix, LSDJ Fix


  • Added test for V2 Firmware before Flashing


  • Reduced sensitivity when changing menus
  • Fixed RTC Save bug in Gold/Silver/Crystal/Prism/Spaceworld
  • Added Firmware version string


  • Fixed save states in some 'Colorized' games like Metroid Dx etc...
  • Fixed save states in Gen1 Pokemon that the previous update broke.

V2.005 - Hardware Update Required

  • Fixed SD card incompatibility. All SD cards formatted to fat32 should now be compatible. Let me know if yours isn't.
  • Disabled Save States by default.
  • Manual save state enable by holding start when booting a game. This is typically not recommended unless you're debugging your own roms.
  • Save state enabled by tapping the one-touch cart button
  • Long press of the one-touch will write the save file to SD and exit.

Notes: Hardware update is recommended for this firmware. It will require coming back to me, or to an authorised representative in your country. The update adds extra scratch-pad ram to the FPGA for a few calculations, and adds registers for the one-touch button.

Not all games can reliably run with save states. It is recommended to start the game, i.e. enter the level before activating save states. This is due to some GBC games DMA routines not being fully initialised and jumping out of their subroutines. 

Please report games that crash to me, I'll work on a fix and add them to a soon to be included incompatibility list.