ElCheapoSD V2.0 Firmwares

Firmware can be updated to any version, from any version.


  • Beta firmware. Update via SD added.


  • Save State bug fixed in Super Mario Land 2
  • Save State bug fixed in Super Mario Land 3
  • Super Game Boy support added (Save states)
  • DMG/Pocket Save States Enabled
  • Donkey Kong Country Glitching Fixed
  • Disable Audio when saving to SD
  • Re-coded save state engine in preparation for multi-save-states.
  • Backup Cart RAM to State RAM - Fixes game engine issues with ROM's that use Cart RAM as working RAM.
  • Prevented Stack Overflow during SD Writes.

Notes: Hold Select when launching ROM to disable V-Blank Hooking (Disables Save States and hotkeys) Shantae has no spare execution cycles to inject keypad monitoring - Use this feature. Saving is done via the cart function button.


  • 4x Speed increase ROM flashing


  • Fixed LSDJ corrupting SD upon Save
  • Added non-SDHC card support
  • Added debugging on SD Error
  • Prevented Flashing when no ROM present

Notes: Some SD cards are still not compatible. Further investigation is required though it appears an FPGA update will be required or worst case a hardware revision. SD cards are on order and will soon be included with the cart purchase to ensure out-of-the-box functionality. Testing shows high success rate with SDHC cards 4gb+. Lexar cards have been reported to be not compatible. Sandisk OK.