EPROM Emulator

The files are here:

Inside you will find the *Unsigned* driver which needs to be installed. If you're on win10 you're in for a frustrating 10minutes! A snappy google will show you how to do it. Note: The procedure changes with most major updates so look for a recent guide. This will probably have to be done after every major update as windows will kick out any unsigned drivers.

Included in the RAR archive are:

Z80Upload - This is the tool to send a .bin file to the Emulator. Eg. Z80Upload Foo.bin This will automatically hold your Z80 in a reset state, upload the file then release for the TEC to boot the new binary file. There's no offsets implemented so the file will write to the RAM on the emulator from $0000. 

Speech.ASM - A bit of assembly to make the TEC Speech module talk.

Make.Bat - a small batch file to Assemble Speech.ASM then send it to the Z80.

TASM - Google this, its not mine but is what I like to use.

The other files: Python back end for the Z80Upload program, some TASM files.

I recommend Geany as an IDE. Great formatting for assembly, and you an integrate TASM and Z80Upload into it easily.

Hope this gets you started!


TEC Firmware!

I've made a little change to fix the keypad layout. Feels more intuitive. Monitor 2 ROM is here:

The changes to the code are:

Redirecting the NMI address (0066h) to 'KeyRemap' (06E0h - Empty area at the end of the ROM). It is important to pad the ROM with data to keep all the addresses in their correct location.

The code is just a lookup table to convert the Key data to a new value. Feel free to change the data at offset 0700h to whatever key organisation you like!