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Flash Cart FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding bootleg carts. Here we go!

I can't flash my eBay/Aliexpress/Chinese bootleg:

  • Have you updated your Joey's Firmware?
  • Have you cleaned the cart contacts?
  • Is the rom you're writing larger than the cart capacity?
  • Is the rom you're writing compatible with the cart's save memory?
  • Still stuck? ask in our bootleg-spotting discord channel.

I can't copy my save file to my bootleg cart:

  • To save money, almost all modern bootleg carts do not use a battery to store the save data. They instead patch the ROM to write the save to the unused ROM area after the game data. For this reason, copying a save file to a bootleg will not 'stick' using the traditional Joey Drag'n'drop method. You need to open your ROM in a hex editor and paste your save file at the correct location. For help with this, visit our bootleg-spotting discord channel.
  • Update! -We've added code to find the save's in most batteryless roms. You can now access them like any other save file

I can't copy my save file off my bootleg cart:

  • As above. In most cases you can run the ROM in an emulator and the emulator will recreate the save file from within the ROM and store it as a .SAV file on your computer.
  • Update! - You can now!

Can I flash a 8mbyte, or 16mbyte ROM to a 32mbyte cart?

  • Yes. Be mindful of the save type in the bootleg and the type the ROM is expecting.

What bootleg cart has a RTC?

  • None. Bootleg's are patched to remove the need for a RTC, or let you set the time as an option in the game.

I want a cart with an RTC

  • You might want to look at Inside Gadets website, Krikzz's site, Ezflash site, Or wait for our new MBC300 cart

I copied a ROM from my *xxxxx* cart to a bootleg and it doesn't play!

  • If your ROM is expecing the cart to use EEPROM to save your game, it'll wait indefinitely for a response from the EEPROM chip (White screen). Your ROM must match the save type used on your bootleg (Either SRAM or 64kbyte flash save). You can use a tool like GBATA to change the save code in the ROM to better match your bootleg

My bootleg cart used to save the game but since I copied Pokemon snoot-boop randomized hack it doesn't!

  • Bootleg carts won't save unless a battery is fitted. This is becoming rare. Instead, games are modified to use the Flash ROM area as a save area. Many games have had patches made for them to enable saving without a battery. They are called Batteryless save patches. You can ask in our Batteryless saves discord channel for patches or you can try apply similar patches to your ROM - if they're all based on the same original ROM (Fire red, ruby etc) there's a good chance they'll work.

I want a bootleg with a battery so I don't need to patch my rom

  • We'll be stocking a range of GBC and GBA carts with batteries in the coming weeks. If you're a gambling type of person, you may want to look into Perfect Dark GBC bootlegs for a 4mbyte cart with battery. We're not aware of any reliable sources of GBA bootlegs with batteries in 2021. We will modify a small number and list them in our store, coming soon

How do I write more than one game to a cart?

  • You'll need a cart that supports multiple ROMs. You can find these on aliexpress/ebay for GBC and GBA. You'll need a tool to merge all your roms and build a menu. We've made one for GBC games and have just released one for GBA carts too! Links on our 256Mbyte GBA cart page

I want someone to make a batteryless-patch for xxxx game!

  • There are a few people that can do this, they can be found in our discord. Expect to pay for someones time and expertise though. A batch built from scratch can take up to 5 hours.

Have a question I didn't cover? Ask in our Bootleg-spotting page in our discord.