Gen2 Drag and Drop Firmware...

Some of you have seen a Youtube clip of my Gen2 Joey Squinson in operation. Gen2 presents itself as a USB drive where you can drag and drop ROM's and load them right into an emulator and when you close the emulator, the save is automatically transferred back to the cart. This is great for gaming and backup and LSDJ users.

I discontinued Gen2 firmware over a year ago due to constant windows and OSX updates which subtly affected the way my firmware operated and I had to tweak the firmware to ensure compatibility.

I'm making Gen2 firmware available once again for your Gen3 Joey. There are a few caveats:

  • Suitable ONLY for XP, Windows 7 and to some extent 8.0. Do not use this firmware if you don't have access to the above OS's. You wont be able to revert back(forward) to Gen3 firmware without it.
  • This particular firmware only supports Generic Nintendo GB(C) carts and re-writing the EMS cart. No GBA, No BennVenn carts, Nothing else.
  • You can update to the latest firmware version by dragging the .ben file to the drive with no cart inserted.

I make no warranty, guarantee or promises and take no responsibility. There is a reason this firmware was discontinued. If this firmware bricks your device, it is of your own doing. You can send it back to get re-flashed at the hardware level at your expense.

With all that out of the way, here it is!