Joey Joebags - The Gen3 GB / GBC / GBA Cart Reader/Writer.

I'm heading back towards the Gen1 style interface. Drag and drop is nice, but it just doesn't have the features that Gen1 did.

Meet Joey Joebags, Squinsons older brother. Joebags runs on Python which therefore makes it compatible with Windows, Linux and OSX. Joebags operates at full USB2.0 speeds making the bottleneck in the system the cart itself. You can't get faster than that! Here is what it looks like so far:

The Python code will be opensource along with the transfer protocol. Support for just about any cart, both flash and generic will be supported as every read and write access is fully customisable - From ROM bank size and switch commands to Flash erase/write sequences.

For something a little different, I'll be adding real time image capture from the GameBoy Camera. Not just extracting its saved images, but actual video streaming* from the GBCam! 

If you have the Gen2 hardware and want to be a part of the beta testing, email me for the source and latest firmware file. Don't worry, you can always revert back to Gen2 firmware at the click of a button!

Updates will be released weekly with all reasonable feature requests being added. So come on, be a part of something great!


*As fast as the GBCam can produce an image