Whats the difference?

OK, my Gen1&2 stuff may be a bit confusing. Let me clear it up!

Gen1 - My Gen1 range includes Reader/Writers and Linkers.

All my Gen1 stuff is a few years old now. It relies on a USB-Serial link between your Cart and your PC. This is great for older Windows operating systems from XP upto Win7. Win8 started having issues with drivers and serial handling. While it is possible to make it work, it is beyond the comfort zone of most customers. These same customers generally want a click and drag solution. Enter the Gen2 range. Gen2 appears in your 'My computer' or equivalent and acts as a USB drive. Simple Drag and Drop to manage all your files.

Gen1 Reader/Writer (GB/C variant) - This was built to program my BennVenn Flash carts. It is capable of dumping ROMs and saves from any Gameboy or GBC cart. It includes an advanced tools page which allows direct control over memory bank controllers, ROM mappers etc. This is very handy for dumping unusual carts like foreign multi cart clones.

Gen1 Reader/Wrtier (GBA Variant) - This was built after a few customers asked for GBA support. It is a cut back version of the GB/C variant where it no longer supports flashing BennVenn GB/C carts though it now has the ability to flash BennVenn GBA carts. It still retains the option to dump GB/C Rom's and their Save files. Also, the software is written in Python for the GBA variant, improving Win8 compatibility and many customers have ported the code to Linux/OSX PC's. You loose the advanced tools feature too.

Gen1 Linker - A.K.A the Lego Block Linker. This is also based around a USB-Serial bridge though uses an advanced chipset with no known issues from XP to Win8.1. This will still require drivers and software to operate and is therefore limited to Windows PC's. The software has the option to directly import LSDSNG files directly to your cart.

Gen2 Reader/Writer - A.K.A. Joey-Squinson. This beast is powered by a 32bit processor similar to that found in all modern phones/tablets/etc... With all this extra processing available coupled with advanced hardware peripherals, the Gen2 Reader/Writer offers the most advanced GB Cart tool on the market. It presents itself as a USB drive to drag and drop ROM's and Save files. It effectively turns any cart into a Drag'n'Derp (one of the most expensive and powerful GB/C carts available). Currently shipped with Mod2 firmware, this contains a base set of features, i.e. Dumping ROM's and Loading/Saving Save files and EMS64M Flash cart writing.

Mod2.1 will add BennVenn cart support.

Mod3 will include GBA functionality etc... All firmware files will be available on my website and is as simple as dragging the firmware.ben file to the USB Drive.

Gen2 Linker - This is similar to the Gen1 with a USB Drive style interface and around 10second transfer time loading or saving. No drivers or software required, just plug and play. Does require a flash cart pre-flashed with a modified LSDJ ROM.