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Break-Away Magnetic VGA kit

Regular price $12.00

Finally an elegant VGA solution for your most cherished consoles!

Gone are the days of drilling huge holes in your console to fit an antiquated DB25 VGA socket to get video out.

Our latest innovation is our flush-mount 6 pin mag connect gold VGA connector. Give your console some gold bling!


  • 500gms magnetic force for a reliable connection that won't fall out accidentally and will safely disconnect when you need it to
  • Hard gold plated contacts to guarantee at least 50,000 connection cycles
  • Massively over engineered (1000x!!!!) for you and your consoles safety (12vdc, 3amp)
  • 0.05 Ohm contact resistance for zero signal degradation
  • Magnetic polarity protection - cannot be connected backwards
  • Available in 0.5m, and 3meter options ( 3m option coming soon)
  • Internal strain relief ensures a sturdy connection internally.

Suitable for ALL consoles needing a VGA connector including Gameboy, Gameboy color, Atari lynx, GameGear and more!

VGA clamshell connector now included!