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NEW FIRMWARE IS OUT! Folder support, Screenshots, quick load last used ROM, LNX LYX .O supported. Download v0.08 HERE (Please read the instructions carefully!)

The ElcheapoSD for the Atari Lynx! Pre-order due mid May.

Store all your favorite games on a single SD and choose them via your Lynx when you power it on.

Supports up to 512kbyte ROM size (This includes ALL original release lynx games, and all but one homebrew release)

Supports EEPROM saving to SD (No original Lynx games used EEPROM though a handful of homebrew games do so we've supported it)

Almost instant load times -Under one second for most games, approx 1.5 seconds for the largest games made.

Firmware upgradable via the SD card. Lynx side source code for an example menu is available upon request, we do not have Atari-Gamer's menu source.

Grey shells may have a swirl pattern in the dye. SD card not included.

How to set up your cart:

Step1) Format your MicroSD card to FAT32 - if offered to select the cluster or allocation size, make this as large as possible to give your Lynx system the fastest access to your files. Be sure to give your SD card a name so the Lynx can keep track of which card is inserted. It's not necessary but this helps the Lynx know when you've updated or changed SD cards.

Step2) Add BOOT.BIN to the root directory. This is the menu you see when you turn your Lynx on. Atari Gamer is working on a much more colorful version which will be available when he's happy with the progress. Edit: Atari Gamers Menu is finished - Find it here!

Step3) Add your ROMs. The ElCheapoSD-Lynx supports .LNX ROMs. This is the default file format you'll find for the Lynx. The order they go on the SD is the order they are displayed. This gives you the flexibility to put your favorites where you want them in the ROM list.

Notes: When new firmware files are available, put it in the root directory and power up the Lynx. You'll see 'Insert Game' for approximately 15 seconds while the new firmware is written to your cart. DO NOT power off your console while this is happening or you will wipe your cart and it will need to be returned for re-flashing. The boot menu will be displayed once the firmware update is complete.