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ElSnappo is a teeny tiny thumb drive sized stick which Emulates a Gameboy printer, saving your photos direct to a micro SD card.

Three versions will be developed:

Budget - bare essentials, uses external USB for power, battery bank, USB OTG port on your phone etc... No LCD, just a simple GB to SD interface in a 3d printed shell. LED for status indication.

Convenient - integrated lithium rechargeable battery and charging circuit.

Deluxe - Color LCD, internal lithium battery, Transfer images to GB printer. 

Pre-orders are open for the Budget version. Estimated assembly date, Late March. - They're ready!

SDHC cards recommend and not included. Tested with 2gb SD, 4gb SDHC, 32gb SDHC. Tested on GBC, GBA, DMG. Link cable not included.

Images are saved as 160*144 resolution, 8bit (256 Color) BMP files. Filenames are generated numerically, 00000001.bmp 00000002.bmp etc..

Current consumption, Budget, 30ma. Approx 100hrs from a 3200mah power bank between charges.

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