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Gameboy printer emulator Kit

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Clone warning!!!! China is selling counterfeit ST-Link devices. We just received 300pcs of them and they can't be used. 

There are now two types of Stlink adapters coming out of China. The pinouts are different. You'll need the pinout of the blue model for the DIY printer emulator kits. Note, the color is not an indication of type.

If you're not using my pcb then either is fine. Just make the appropriate changes to the wiring.

As featured in my DIY series, the parts required to interface your GB link cable to the STLink dongle, and with the correct firmware flashed to it, it will allow instant transfers from your GBCamera direct to your PC. 

Refer to the article for full details and firmware. 

Offered in unassembled kit form, assembled, and assembled+pre-programmed STLink dongle. 

The whole project can be built for approx $7, no parts are required to be purchased from me for the DIY projects, they're just there to make it easier for you. Some people prefer a fully built option.

No support is offered for the DIY projects other than what is available in the articles. You are welcome to ask on my FB page for help if you get stuck. For help installing the driver, watch the Joey guide on YouTube (Channel Kyle AWSM) - it uses the same driver as the Joey. It should then be as simple as running the executable below.

Tested with GBcamera, Zelda DX, DKC, supports single and double length images (Pokedex etc...) No reason why it won't support all carts.

HERE is the latest firmware with Win10 support

Here is the Python Script with double length image support

Here is a ready built Executable for Windows, you won't need python, pyusb, libusb with this. You do need to install the unsigned driver though.