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GameGear HD IPS kit

Regular price $100.00

Revision 2 of our HighDef Integer Scaled IPS Kit - No shimmer or tearing, On screen display, retropixel, scanlines & Scaling modes, SMS support, Lowest power consumption.

Install Guide HERE

Looking for a kit in the UK? Try Zedlabz! EU? Try VideoGamePerfection! US? Try HighScoreTech


What's included?

  • Custom designed BennVenn HD (640x480) IPS panel
  • Custom BennVenn VA0/1/ Driver Circuit Board (Not suitable for  315-5378 ASIC)
  • Touch Module for OnScreenDisplay (OSD)
  • Digital Video Out (TMDS)
  • Wireless easy install ribbon
  • 3d printed install frame

Visit our Discord for all the information, specs, HDMI output etc.