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Gen3 Joey Firmware Update

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Beta testing complete. Available NOW!

Firmware Version V2_02_34

We have spent the last 2 weeks porting and testing our Joey Jr firmware on the Gen3/Gen3 mini hardware platform.

Support is very close to the Joey Jr. These are the things we couldn't port over due to CPU and Hardware limitations

  • MBC30 DIY cart cannot be flashed reliably
  • Bootlegs which use 1.8volt flash and no diode may fail to flash reliably (The 1.8v carts we've tested all passed)
  • Speed decrease ~25% under the Joey Jr
  • No auto-voltage switching for 3.3v bootlegs

Benefits over the existing 3_xx Gen3 firmware

  • 5x+ faster flashing & dumping of GB/GBC/GBA bootlegs
  • Supports all the latest bootleg carts assuming 3.3v flash or above
  • Bootleg/Fake detection
  • Supports NPC carts
  • Supports Multi-ROM carts
  • Supports InsideGadets Flash Carts
  • Supports 256Mbyte GBA Video Bootleg carts
  • Drag and Drop - No software - No drivers
  • Can be connected to your smart phone (USB OTG required, FAT12/16 support required - Almost all Android phones)

Things you need to know: 

  • Joey Jr 4 Gen3 firmware is custom generated per device. It is locked to your hardware and will not work on another Gen3 device.
  • This is a one time Firmware. Updates are NOT included. 
  • Future firmware updates may be available and will be sold per update. Discounts apply on subsequent firmwares.
  • You can revert to 3.36 Gen3 firmware - We will release a downgrade firmware file in the coming weeks.

How to update:

  • Enter your update key (Use this link if you have lost it)
  • Use THIS firmware to enable Jr firmware updates.
  • After updating, open the DEBUG.TXT file
  • When checking out - Enter the Secure ID code in checkout notes as found in DEBUG.TXT
  • We will generate your Firmware and email it to you within 1 business day
  • Follow the instructions in the file emailed to you.


  • $10 For a Genuine Gen3 flasher purchased from us (You must include original order number #BVxxxx and name in checkout notes - if you don't have it, don't worry, we will, get in touch via discord)
  • $25 For a homemade / pirate / clone Gen3.