JoeyN64 cart flasher

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Fast, easy, reliable access to all your N64 ROM's and Save files - EEPROM (4/16K), Flash (All types), SRAM, MemoryPAK.

Supports reflashing the latest chinese bootleg N64 games. Supports reading/writing save files from these Chinese carts where other N64 cart dumpers cannot. Simply drag your ROM to your JoeyN64 drive and it'll automatically write the new ROM to the cart.

Enjoy some of the best ROMhacks and remakes on real hardware! We'll be stocking blank bootleg carts in the new year.

You cannot rewrite original Nintendo carts.

Can detect if a cart is fake or genuine. (Can connect to a smartphone for easy cart identification when you're out hunting for games)

Supports N64 and Z64 ROM's, can automatically byteswap (Write in mode.txt which file format you prefer)

Can load directly from cart into Project64 emulator

Firmware updates over USB C - just drag and drop the new firmware.

New firmware files will be available as we discover new Chinese bootleg types (Just as we do with our JoeyJr GBC/A cart dumper)

~750kbytes/second dump speed, ~310kbytes/second flash speed.


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