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Large scale, high speed cart flasher

Regular price $50.00

Do you need to flash GB/GBC/GBA carts in bulk? 

Introducing the fastest possible flashing device available, designed for flashing bootlegs in mass.

Load your rom onto a micro SD and using a single button you can do a full erase, write and verify. No guesswork, a simple pass / fail result. Tests both flash and save ram. 

Led indicators to give you feedback on status or errors. 

Write speed is limited by the flash in the cart and the size of the ROM. Typical bootleg erase, write and verify times as fast as 30seconds. (4mbyte GBC rom). 

Provided with a custom firmware optimised for the carts you'll be flashing. Additional firmwares available.

Support available for 2gbit GBA multi carts (music videos, video carts etc).

Take your game publishing to the next level! 

Built to order. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 10 interface stackable  'arrays' also available.