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NiMh charge module

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NOTE! This is a DIY item. It is designed for a range of consoles and an experienced technician. As such, no install guides are provided. If you are not able to solder, modify a console's PCB or read a schematic diagram, this product is NOT for you.

There are 3 solder pads on this PCB. In (From a 9vdc plug pack), Ground (A common ground point shared by the plug pack and battery -) and Out (Battery +). If this does not make sense to you, Please reach out to someone experienced with this kind of thing. Check in with our Discord, Your install may have already been done and a guide exists. 


Take back your consoles runtime! 

Current lithium battery mods are plagued with false advertising and fail to deliver the runtime a simple set of AAs can provide. Now you can use cheap, safe NiMh rechargable batteries in your favorite consoles. 

Compatible with all brands of qualtiy NiMh batteries, Eneloop, Duracell, energizer, Ladda etc. 

Over voltage, over current, short circuit protection, 12hr safety timer, intelligent charge controller IC manufactured by Texas Instruments. No shady grey market Chinese ICs used. 

Our NiMh charge module will allow charging while playing and can be used with existing AC power adaptors. 

LED charge indicators. Green = charging. Red = fault. Simple!

This mod will not restrict your console like lithium mods can. It'll work just as fine on a regular set of AA's as NiMh cells (Just don't try recharge non-rechargable batteries!)

not recommended for Mcwill modded consoles! the power consumption is simply too high to charge while playing (without additional mods)

The fine print:

  • Don't mix new and old batteries. Use a fresh set of good quality batteries 2000mah or greater
  • Don't try charge non rechargable batteries
  • Don't exceed 9vdc for 6 cell installs or 5vdc for 2 cell installs. 
  • Not fully charging (until green led off) after multiple discharges can imbalance cells. Try to fully charge at least once a month with heavy usage or use an external charger to balance cells. 
  • This module will get warm when in use (up to 55deg C) Mount to a metal surface or be mindful of the heat generated.

We're trying to source a larger qty of IC's which will bring the price down to ~$8. We'll update this page when we have received our next batch (2022)